shortest python coding contest

We finally have a winner, check the results!

The job

Subject of the contest is to code the shortest possible python module that converts decimal numbers to the seven-segment display format. To support leading zeroes the decimal number is given as a string.

A string containing "23" will result in:

	 _  _ 
	 _| _|
	|_  _|

Or more precisely in the string:

" _  _ \n _| _|\n|_  _|\n"

The module has to be named seven_seg and has to define the function seven_seg. The function seven_seg takes a string as parameter and returns a string.

Getting started

We provide a test suite that you can use to verify your results. We use a very similar test suite to either accept or reject pending submissions.

Get your test suite here (zip)

The test suite contains the following files: a skeleton for your module a dictionary of test vectors the test case, it imports seven_seg and verifies it with the help of the test vectors

Any question? Check the FAQ!