shortest python coding contest

We finally have a winner, check the results!


Why a python coding contest?

Coding contests are a lot of fun and programming in python is even more fun. This is why we feel an urge to combine those two things.

How do you determine the shortest program?

The shortest program is the one that uses the fewest characters to solve the problem, and yes whitespaces do count.

Which python version do you use?

Python 2.4 on linux.

Am I allowed to...?

If your solution passes the test case it has a good chance to be accepted.

May I circumvent the test suite?

Be aware that we use a different test suite to either accept or reject pendig submissions. We believe that this prevents circumvention.

In addition, submissions are checked for malicious code by plain old humans.

Is the use of webservices allowed?


Is there any relation between the 22c3 and

The coding contest is coincidentally held during the 22c3 and it is open to everybody.

Who covers the shipping costs for my price?

Our sponsor covers shipping costs up to 30 bugs. This should be sufficient for most of the globe. If the winner lives in some exotic region we have to work out a solution.

I didn't win, may i sue you?

Our mission is to run in a sound manner. Special care is taken to be fair, provide the winner with a price and all others with lots of fun. However we take no legal liability to be successful with our mission.

What about...?

If your question is not answered above write us some lines.